Monday, May 4, 2015

Well worth the wait

Saturday I came home from work with the goal to finish up some yard work before going out for the night with friends. Well when I came home from work I ran into a little bit of a delay with the yard work. Sitting on my front porch was a package from Big D's Cards. I pre-ordered Bowman and Gypsy Queen boxes. Jimmy asked me if I wanted to wait for both to come in so they could ship together and I had no problem with that. Let's start with what I pulled from Gypsy Queen box today.

In the Gypsy Queen set they include a set of mini cards. I am not really into collecting the mini cards mostly, because they are hard to figure out how to store in my opinion. It is cool that they have parallels with the minis. I pulled a Cody Allen and a Nick Markakis both out of /199.

I only pulled on parallel and the regular size cards and I was pretty happy with the pull. Albert Pujols is on track to be a future hall of famer so it is always nice to add one of a potential hall of fame player. Gypsy Queen has problem on of the coolest parallels that I like to add. It is their framed bordered cards and the pictures are indented.

I really excited when I pulled a printing plate. I'm not a Cubs fan, but this was a first one that I had ever pulled. Being a relatively new collector (only the past 3 years) it was a cool card to pull. It is a 1/1 pull, but it was shot down when I was reading The Snorting Bull blog this morning and he said there is one per box about. Anyways I was still happy with the pull.

My first autograph I pulled was a Michael Taylor rookie autograph. A top prospect for the Nationals who saw a little bit of action so far this year in the majors and put together a decent call up for the Nationals. I believe he was called up while Denard Span was on the DL.

Being a Detroit Tigers fan I was actually happy to pull a Yorando Venture autograph. A young power throwing pitcher that has shown signs of being a good ball player. This year he is somewhat of a headcase between the incident with Mike Trout and the Chicago White Sox. I guess he really take offense to batters hitting up the middle.

Now as a Tigers' fan this is a great pull for me. David Price shut down the Royals Saturday night in a complete game. He is looking good outside of one start for the year for the Tigers. I would like to see them resign his to a long term deal, but time will tell.

Now this is the coolest card that I pulled. It was actually in the first pack that I ripped into  also. I'm not a Yankee fan, but Derek Jeter was the face of baseball for a ton of years and is all around great ball player. He will eventually be a first ballot hall of famer. I really like that this relic has a pin stripe also. Makes the card that much cooler to me. This is actually the second Jeter relic that I pulled since I started collecting again.