Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Topps Series 1 Hits

I have busted open my box of 2015 Topps Series 1 and thought I would share some of my hits from the set. I was excited about getting my first box this year. I think it was more the fact that it is the start of the baseball card collecting year then the actual series. I do really like the series though and tend to have some good luck with what I have pulled.

First off I will use this card to show off the new look of their base set. I am glad that they got away from just their sold white borders. With this series in the base sets there are two things to look for in the cards, baseball sparkles or short prints. The easiest ways to tell is the base set cards end in 861 for their serial numbers, sparkle 903 and short print 901. Well my pull from this box is a short print of former rival who just retired, Paul Konerko. Respect the player hate the team.

At first I overlooked the foil parallel cards that I pulled. Didn't realize it until I was ripping open my second pack from the box. I decided to just post the coolest card out of the foil and it was between Zack Greinke or Hunter Pence of the Giants. Neither players I am huge on, but Pence has hurt the Tigers more of late then Greinke.

Topps stuck with the gold parallels. Again I just picked the coolest player out of the ones I pulled and how could I not go with World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner. Sorry for the crooked picture also.

Another cooler insert for this year is the Gallery of Greats. The cards have a throwback look to them and it's a nice set to collect for some great older players like Frank Thomas and Steve Calton.

My first insert card I pulled was jersey piece of Johnny Cueto. Another cool design that goes with the base set. If it wasn't for a guy named Kershaw this card would be even better considering he was Cy Young runner up this past season.

My second favorite card I pulled was a manu card. The player pin is pretty sweet idea to me. I am kinda defensive minded in sports so to pull a young defense first, third baseman Manny Machado I was happy to add this card to my collection.

Hands down my favorite pull from this box, Ian Kinsler autograph. It might be him with the Rangers, but he is the Tigers second basemen. If you pull an autograph of a player on your team it is always a good box that you have bought.

I almost forgot that even with the scratch off cards for the "Call your Shot" game I did pretty well. I did get an autographic relic. I don't know who the card is of just yet, but the list they gave me was a bunch of sweet players. Cards ship out March 2!

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