Saturday, February 14, 2015

Trade #3: They meet again

Back in 2009 the Detroit Tigers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and the New York Yankees would do a three team trade. The Tigers would send Edwin Jackson to the D'backs and Curtis Granderson to the Yankees in return of Phil Coke from the Yankees, Max Scherzer, and Daniel Schlereth of the D'Backs. The Yankees would also send Ian Kennedy to the D'backs as well. Now going into the 2015 season these three teams would match up again to pull off a three team trade.
Didi Gregorius was part of a crowd middle infield in Arizona. With Chris Owing, Aaron Hill, Cliff Pennington, and Nick Ahmed, the D'backs needed to move someone. They flipped Gregorius to the Yankees. The Yankees needed another option at shortstop now with Derek Jeter's retirement. Gregorius is not known for his bat, but more for his glove. He has big shoes to fill in New York and it will be interesting to see how he handles it.
Robbie Ray was first traded from the Nationals to the Tigers in the off-season in 2014. He was part of the Doug Fister trade. A lot of Tigers fan were upset with this trade. The Tigers are known for having one of the worst farm systems and Ray going into last season was the highlight for their farm system. With injuries last year Ray made his debut for the Tigers on May 6th. After one season in Detroit, the Tigers flipped Ray to the D'backs along with Dimingo Leyba, a shortstop prospect.
The New York Yankees would part ways with their young back end of the rotation pitcher Shane Greene. He would have a okay rookie season with an ERA+ of 103. He best start was probably against the Tigers when he pitched 8 innings giving up 5 hits and no runs and lead the Yankees to a 1-0 win. I have heard comparisons of Greene to Doug Fister and even John Smoltz predicted Greene to surprised people this season.

I would say it is safe to say the Detroit Tigers won the trade in 2009 with what they got from Austin Jackson, Phil Coke, and Cy Young winner Max Scherzer. This trade the Yankees and the Tigers addressed their needs and the D'backs added depth to their rotation. It will be fun to watch how this trade plays out for all three teams.

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