Monday, April 27, 2015

The jury is still out on Harper

A late post for #mycardmonday is better then no post at all. It was a busy day at work for me and with the Red Wings in a good hockey game (unfortunately they lost) I am just now getting to the post.

Back in 2012 the baseball community saw two big name player make their rookie debuts. One really made his name when he came up to the majors (that being Mike Trout) and the other having a bunch of hype even before he was drafted. The latter of the two being Bryce Harper. Over the next three seasons I am unsure of what I think of Harper. He has put together a good OPS+ of 123 over his short career, but only has a career high of 22 home runs and 59 RBIs, both of which came in his rookie season. For as much hype he has received since he came up I would think he should be hitting at 30+ home runs and drive in over 100 RBIs a year. Why I am still on the fence to believe the hype is because he is still young, only 22 year of age. Maybe he will start to produce as he starts to age and mature a bit. Only time will tell.

This video is Cole Hamels "welcoming" Harper to the majors. He threw at him and Harper got his revenge by stealing home. I would be lying if I did told you that I didn't love this. To me this shows me that Harper goes all out. I love that he didn't charge the mound, but decide to show up Hamels by stealing home. I know stunts like this and him running full speed into the outfield fence and injuring himself has caused him some flack from people, but I would love to see some play this hard more often then someone ease up, because of being afraid to piss off a veteran guy or a possible injury. What Harper needs to lay off of is being such a "bro" on and off the field.

I would love to see Harper live up the hype he was given before he was drafted. He does need to mature on and off the field and maybe he will be that 30+ home run guy with 100 RBIs driven in each year, but only time will tell what he will do.

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