Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A hard loss

For baseball players it is a business. As a fan you would like to think that players would have more loyalty then what they do. Some players do have quite a bit of loyalty to their teams though, but others look at is as a business. I can't blame players for going out into free agency and getting as much money as possible. In my job that is what I try to do, make as much money as possible and why should we bash athletes for doing the same.

This past off-season the Detroit Tigers had one of the biggest arms in the game entering his first free agency, Max Schrezer. After the past two seasons in Detroit Schrezer was a two time All-Star and a Cy Young winner going 39-8  over that span. Putting together two season like that before you hit free agency, you are going to get paid and that is exactly what Schrezer received.

He ended up signing an extremely player friendly contract with the Washington Nationals. The contract would be worth $210 million dollars over the course of the next 14 years. Here is the catch he is only signed with them for the next 7 years to play. That means after the 2021 season he can do three things, retire, sign with another team or re-sign with the Nationals. Now no matter what he does he will still be receiving $15 million dollars for another 7 years. I cannot blame Schrezer for taking this contract. He is set up for the next 14 years and only has to play for the next 7 if he wants. Now I would have like to see the Tigers sign him, but that contract does not make any sense for really any team. Good luck to your future Schrezer and congrats on your awesome complete game 16 strikeout 1 hitter on Sunday!

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