Monday, June 22, 2015


In the Ramones song "Judy is a Punk" they have a line that goes "second verse same as the first" well this post fits that song lyric. Last week I wrote about Max Schrezer great outing of pitching a 1 hit complete game shut out while striking out 16 batters. Schrezer was up to it again on Saturday against the Pittsburg Pirates.

Last year watching Schrezer pitch for the Detroit Tigers, I remember my dad always telling me that "Schrezer is do! He is going to throw a no hitter!" Well unfortunately for the Tigers he never did in while wearing the Old English D. On Saturday though, Max was perfect through 26 batters. Then Jose Tabata of the Pirates step into the batters box and got a 2-2 count on him. Schrezer would try to go inside on him and when he did Tabata did nothing to get out of the way except to drop his elbow to get him by the pitch. It is almost as bad as trying to bunt during a no hitter. Either way though Max would get the next batter to fly out and get his first no hitter of his career. He struck out 10 on the day and just looked dominating. Congrats Max Schrezer on your first no hitter.


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