Monday, June 29, 2015


This week I am keeping the same trend for the past two weeks, a N.L. pitcher who has the ability to throw a no hitter every time he steps on the rubber.

Looking at Clayton Kershaw's numbers this year without knowing it was his numbers, but another pitcher in the majors you would think he is having a good year. ERA of 3.20 ERA+ of 116 leading the N.L. in strikeouts with 140 and a WHIP of 1.036. In reality for Kershaw his numbers are down this season. His career ERA is 2.53 and the ERA + 149, now his strikeout per 9 is up one whole strikeout this year compared to last year at 11.8. I would expect him to get back to the Kershaw of old and be that dominating pitcher that he has been. I just like looking at his numbers that are actually good numbers for anyone other then a handful of pitchers in the major league. Just goes to show how good Kershaw has been in his career.

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