Monday, September 14, 2015


Last night Torii Hunter launched his 350th home run of his career and I couldn't think of a better ball player to do a #MyCardMonday then Hunter. Being a Tigers fan I have had a lot of chances to watch him play when he started his career in Minnesota to him playing for the Tigers for two years after he left the Angels and now that he is back with the Twins. Hunter has to be one of the most liked guys in the game. He always plays with a smile and always gives it his all.

In his two years in Detroit he batted .295/.327/.456 with an OPS+ of 115. His defensive had taken a step back from his early years when he won 9 straight gold gloves from 2001-2009. Along with his 9 gold gloves and 350 home runs he has 2,435 and counting hits in his 19 year career. He has been selected to 5 all star games and won two silver sluggers. At the end of his career I believe Hunter will be a borderline Hall of famer. 350 home runs and 9 gold gloves is nothing to go unnoticed on his resume. I would give him the nod if I had the vote.

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