Thursday, March 12, 2015

Favorite Baseball Autograph

About a year and a half ago Chris Archer of the Tampa Bay Rays was doing a signing at the USA Baseball Academy in North Carolina. With my connections to North Carolina, my brother-in-law let me know that he would bring my sister along with him to get me an autograph.

I had my choice between a baseball or a baseball card. I figured it would be easier to add a Chris Archer autograph card in the future then an autograph baseball. I believe it must of been one autograph per person so that is why my sister had to tag along. She did point out to Chris that I am a huge Detroit Tigers fan.

Chris was nice enough to personalize the baseball for me, even though he go it wrong. As you can see in the picture he said "Matt thanks for the support Rays > Tigers!" I do like the Rays, but I would say Tigers > Rays. All in all I am pretty happy with the autograph. Thank you Chris Archer!


  1. I like your Archer autograph better than I like mine. Sweet item, it'd be funny if he ended up on the Tigers on some point in his career.

  2. If he ends up on the Tigers at some point I will troll him on the internet with this baseball haha