Monday, March 9, 2015


Being a Detroit Tigers fan, I will make the arguement that Ty Cobb was the greatest hitter to ever play the great game of baseball. For #mycardmonday I picked my favorite Ty Cobb Card and it features the guy Cobb said would have been a better hitter then him.

Ty Cobb retired from baseball known for two things. First being the most hated man in baseball for how hard he played and how he would slide hard into bags and try to injure players. Secondly he retired from baseball holding 90 records. His best record was the 4,191 hits and his still current record having a career batting average of .367. As a hitter he could do it all. Hit for average, lay down a bunt and also hit home runs in a dead ball era. Once on base he could steal any base he wanted, including home plate, which he did 50 times.

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson career playing baseball came to unfortunate end after the 1919 World Series that the Chicago White Sox supposedly threw. He never admitted to throwing the World Series and actually had a a good series where he hit .375. In his shorten career he had over 1,700 hits and a career average of .356.

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