Monday, March 23, 2015


Roberto Clemente was one of the best baseball players on and off the fields of all time. Unfortunately his life was taken way to earlier due to a plane crash. He was trying to bring aid packages to Nicarague in 1972  after an earthquake struck the city. He was always looking to help out his home country of Puerto Rico.

As a baseball player, Clemente was one of the most feared right fielders the game has ever seen. He finished his career with exactly 3,000 hits while hitting .317/.359/.475 with 240 home runs. His career OPS+ was 130. In the outfield he would win 12 gold gloves in 12 straight years. Add in a MVP, 2 World Series rings, and one World Series MVP you have a 1973 Hall of Fame election.

Clemente did just as much off the field as he did on the field. He life was ended while trying to help people out. He was elected to the Hall of Fame early due to his untimely death.

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