Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2015 Topps Archive

Now onto my other box that I bought and ripped into last week. I had some pretty cool pulls in this box also. Each box contains two autographs and in the past I haven't had much luck with the autographs but I think I did okay with this box.

First up is the game insert cards. Doing a little research it sounds like this comes from a 1968 set design. Might have to look up the rules on exactly how to play and try to collect all of the cards. A couple cool names I pulled.

Another insert that Archives did this year was Presidential Chronical Set. I am really not into politics, but I always enjoyed learning about President John F. Kennedy so I was happy to pull this card.

One of the cool things the Archive set does is that they throw in an original or old card into the box. This card from reading the back is from the 1979 Topps set. 

My favorite insert of the box was the 1990 Topps All Star Rookies. I like it for the simple fact that it reminds me of my childhood. I was born in 1989 and had a few cards growing up as a kid, but I remember have a bunch with this design. 

My first autograph featured 15 year veteran, Jose Cruz Jr. Not being to familiar with him I had to look at the back of his card and I saw that he was a career .247 hitter with 204 home runs. His best season came in 2001 when he had 38 doubles, 4 triples , 34 home runs, and 88 RBIs to go with his .274 batting average and 32 stolen bases for the Toronto Blue Jays.

The highlight card of the box was of Hall of Fame pitcher Gaylord Perry autograph. Just looking at the back of his card the first thing it say "Gaylord was the 1st to win a Cy Young Award in each league." Pretty cool feat and pretty cool card!

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