Tuesday, July 21, 2015

All around good guy

On Saturday Minnesota Twins outfielder, Torii Hunter celebrated his 40th birthday. I was going to use one his cards for #mycardmonday, but being busy yesterday I didn't get around to it and I have some time today and thought I would share it.

Hunter seems like an all around good guy. He played two seasons in Detroit before heading back to the Twins where he started his career. He always seemed to have a smile on his face and is a good team leader in the clubhouse. It was fun watching him play in the Old English D. I don't know if any baseball fan can really hate him.

I really like this card that I picked up also. I first I thought cool it has a pinstripe on the jersey piece. Then thinking about it the Tigers don't have any uniforms with pinstripes that close to each other as you can see in the uniform in the picture on the card. Maybe it was part of an old Twins uniform? I did some research on what it could be from.

Detroit Tigers Negro League uniform is the only jersey that has pinstripes that I found. Makes the card even more cool to me.

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