Friday, July 31, 2015

Thank You David Price

As a fan of baseball (or any sport) it can be hard to understand that sports are not just for our entertainment, but it is a business for the people who are directly involved with the game. We can get attached to players and not want to see them leave the team if is from free agency or via trade. For Detroit Tigers fans seeing star players such as David Price being traded away from Detroit can be especially hard with knowing that the team is (as Dave Dombrowksi stated) rebooting. In other words we are going from winning four straight Central Divisions title to missing the playoffs to build for the future.

David Price was only with us for half of last season and half of this season. I loved Price before he came to Detroit and I will continue to follow what he does afterwards. In his short period in Detroit he went 13-8 with a 2.90 ERA and 220 strikeouts. He posted a 136 ERA+ in the 32 starts he made for Detroit. With the Tigers trading Price to the Toronto Blue Jays they were able to get three prospects in returning, including a top 25 prospect, Daniel Norris. From the sounds of the trade, it was a win win for both sides. Thank you David Price for the great year that you spent in Detroit and good luck with your future.

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